December 10, 2019

Episode 94 : Henry Park

This week, Henry Park graces the studio with his smooth vibes. We talk about his hometown of Atlanta, the music scene in Nashville, and his songwriting process with his new single 'Rest'

November 29, 2019

Episode 93 : Nate Hufford

This week, we head over to the studio to hear some live tracks from Nate Hufford. We chat about his history as a musician from Oklahoma to Nashville, and feature a song from a recent release. Tracked and Produced by Dr. Dave and Jordan Johansen.

November 24, 2019

Episode 92 : Joel Adam Russell

We sit down with the Texas bred songwriter, Joel Adam Russell. His journey from Texas, to California, and now settling in Nashville, has brought about some interesting stories that influence his songs today. Give a listen!

We sit down with Spencer Hendricks, the singer-songwriter & producer who made his mark in L.A., but now he is here with us in Nashville, TN to treat us all with his smooth melodies and upbeat tunes. Listen up!

Notable Nashville's first installment of LIVE SESSIONS. This week, in Centennial Park, with Nightlore. A brand new band out of Nashville, Tennessee. They play to a live audience and talk about their upcoming plans. Hear an unreleased recorded track entitled, "River Song"

July 18, 2019

Episode 89 : STAWSKI

This week, STAWSKI joins us in studio for some melancholic tunes, with her debut single 115 out in the world, and more on the way. We talk about how she got to Nashville, what influences her sound, and songwriting.

This week, we sit down with music industry veteran Griffin House and talk about where he started to where he is now with the new release, 'Rising Star', Griffin plays some acoustic songs in studio from the new album. Tracked, Produced, and Hosted by Jordan Johansen.

This week, Daniella Mason graces us with some stripped down songs from her projects 'Emotional State' and the brand new release 'Mental State'...we get a glimpse inside the mind behind the powerful soul driven songs, and what is up ahead for her. Tracked, Produced, and Hosted by Jordan Johansen.

This week, Rayvon Owen joins me for a LGBT Pride Month Episode, where we chat about being gay in the music world and how it affects us personally. Rayvon's new single 'X' is featured out everywhere now. Thanks for tuning in! Tracked and Produced by Jordan Johansen.

This week, we sit down with the very talented, Evan P Donohue. We chat about the good old college days tracking his first record at RCA Studio B, to his life on the road as a live sound engineer, and meeting his goal for an upcoming full length. This episode was Tracked, Produced, and Hosted by Jordan Johansen.

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